Every 5th child is confronted with poverty


We lead children and young people in Switzerland out of poverty. In order to do this, we co-operate with local partners; ensuring that meals, support services, and further education are guaranteed. It is important to us, that the measures are non-selective, and that they are carried out in a continuous manner, so that children are assured of a secure existence, without poverty, in their developing years and beyond.

We would, proverbially, like to fill the plates of children and young people with food, experiences and knowledge, and also help them with a view to the future; so that they will be able to fill their own plates and those of their families. Through various events we are able to generate the necessary financial resources.

Our Association supports, ideally but not exclusively, children and youngsters. The sponsorships we offer are carried out regardless of origin, religion, and/or other characteristics of the supported recipients. We do not pursue any commercial objectives and do not strive to make a profit of any kind. „tellerlein deck dich“ has been a great success in Germany since 2008.


International and national celebrities support us, in that they individually design plates which have been made available by us. These unique one-off plates are consequently put up for auction. The proceeds are then used in the realisation and implementation of our activities.


These are the current plates.


Support us in the fight against child poverty in Switzerland!

We are committed to publicly publish all activities in a completely transparent manner. Each donation is intended to promote sustainable measures so that the plates can be covered now and in the future. Thank you for supporting us!

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Support us in the fight against child poverty in Switzerland.

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